Lehigh University Choral Arts "There's No Place Like Home" Fall 2020 Semester Project

There's No Place Like Home. https://youtu.be/RmSnjNcihJ4  --Lehigh Choir, Glee Club and Dolce present Fall Semester Project:  "There’s No Place Like Home"  LU Choir, Dolce, and Glee Club Managers offer this thoughtful reflection on Choral Arts at Lehigh during this tumultuous semester:  "In the fall of 2020, when we couldn’t be together to sing due to COVID-19, the students of the Lehigh University Choir, treble ensemble Dolce, and the men’s Glee Club explored works addressing our feelings of home, belonging and community.   For it is the community that brings us together to sing, and keeps us together in challenging times.   This video includes new compositions by our students and faculty, as well as repertoire on the theme of what home means, and comments by students and faculty about our community of singing.   Countless hours went into the creation of this semester-long project.  Our thanks to the dedicated students who helped create the music –– all of which was recorded remotely by each singer –– and those students who engineered the audio, often learning skills on the fly.   Our gratitude to Stephanie Veto of the Lehigh Office of Communications for her beautiful work creating the video for “There’s No Place Like Home”.  --Although this semester has provided many challenges to face, we are so proud of what our fellow musicians and I have accomplished this semester.  The choral arts have always been a safe place for all of us throughout our time at Lehigh and this semester has been no different.  Seeing everyone’s smiling faces and making music during rehearsals every time we met was something we looked forward to every week. Thank you to Steven Sametz, Sun Min Lee, and everyone involved for leading us in rehearsals and providing us with beautiful music to sing, our executive board for the countless hours working behind the scenes and to the members of the University Choir, Dolce, and Glee Club for bringing the music to life each week.  Thank you for staying dedicated to the process. We also wanted to extend our gratitude to Stephanie Veto, who spent countless hours working on our video.  Creating music in a virtual setting can be difficult but we are so proud of what we have accomplished this semester. The University Choir, Dolce, and Glee Club is happy to present There’s No Place Like Home.  We are looking forward to what the new year brings, and we hope this project can wrap up this turbulent year on a positive note. Lehigh Choral Arts has a long and storied history; this is surely one of the most unique chapters in it, yet we’re as grateful to be a part of this group as ever. -          Luis Morales (’21), University Choir Manager-          Natalie Maroun (’21), Dolce Manager-          Owen Rahr (’22), Glee Club Manager There's No Place Like Home. https://youtu.be/RmSnjNcihJ4