Spring Offerings from the LU Choir!

 The Lehigh Choir students, their Directors, Prof. Steven Sametz, and Prof. Sun Min Lee, and various musical partners from the greater musical community have been very engaged in creating projects this semester around music and story-telling.    We hope to release the first of several choral videos in honor of Earth Day.  This will be a collaboration between the University Choir and Indian composer, singer, tampura player Arati Shah-Yukich.  Shah-Yukich has collaborated with us in the past on "The Demon King", which involved dancers, an Indian orchestra, the Choral Arts singers and a forty-foot puppet of Vishnu; she also helped create "Shamalyo" with Dolce.    Stay tuned for more upcoming LU Choir projects, including a choral response to Amanda Gorman's Inaugural poem, "The Hill We Climb."   Another project, also on the theme of environmental sustainability, is a new work by Prof. Sametz, "The Earth's Passion–A Call to Remembrance," which will be a collaboration between the choir students and the professional Boston-based social justice choir, Voices 21c.  This video will be coming out at the beginning of May.  In addition, the Glee Club will present their video/children's book, "How Can I Keep from Singing?"