"To instill a love for music, to foster the discipline it requires, to promote musical literacy and to develop creativity."

Our mission is to instill a love for music in our students, the Lehigh University family, and the larger community, through performances given at the highest level possible by our students, faculty--who lead by example--and visiting artists. Further, we seek to foster the discipline music requires among our students by providing them with musicianship skills, analytical tools, individual instruction, and performance opportunities. We expect to promote musical literacy through exposure to a significant body of music wherein compositions can be viewed as integral works of art and as reflections of the culture and era in which they were conceived. Finally, we strive to develop students’ creative application of these skills and knowledge through composition, performance, and research projects. To these ends, we work to develop each student's potential, recruit ever more talented students to Lehigh, and encourage the creative renewal and growth of our faculty.


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