Grading Policy

TO:                  All Students Taking Private Lessons

FROM:             Nadine Sine, Department.Chair; Olga Jacoby, Department Coordinator

RE:                  Grading in 1-credit private instruction courses

          There are no refunds after the first class.  Should you decide to drop the course, you must use a drop-add form after the first ten days of class.

            Make sure that you are officially registered for this course–If you choose to take the class not-for-credit, you must fill out additional paperwork in the music office.

The music department is happy to have you take private instruction here and to receive a credit for it. We all believe it is important for us to provide excellent instruction and for you to earn your credit and grade. We have therefore devised the following guidelines. The implementation and clarification of them will be up to the individual instructors.

I           ABSENCE: If you have an unexcused absence, your grade will be affected correspondingly. If you must miss a lesson, you should contact your teacher as soon as possible. Your teacher will tell you how best to reach them in case of absence. Make-up lessons: If you miss a lesson for whatever reason, it is lost, and you will still be paying for it. In some cases, your teacher may offer you a make-up lesson if you were out for serious, legitimate reasons, but the teacher is not obligated to offer a make-up. If the teacher must miss lessons, the teacher will try to notify you, and the teacher will be obliged to make up any lessons missed.

II          PRACTICE: For a 1-credit course which meets just ten times, University guidelines on effort per credit would suggest that each student should practice at least 3-4 hours a week during those ten weeks. The only way to learn and to improve on an instrument is by practicing.

III        EVALUATION: Your instructor will issue you a midsemester report if you are not progressing due to lack of attendance and/or practice.  Your final grade will be based on a combination of your attendance and progress.  If you are practicing, progress will be evident in your lessons whether you are a beginner or an advanced student. At the end of the semester, we want you to have the opportunity to evaluate your instructor anonymously, and we will provide a form for that purpose.

IV        PERFORMANCE: You will have to perform in a jury at the end of the semester in which your progress will be evaluated by both your teacher and at least one full-time faculty member of the Music Dept.  THIS SEMESTER-END PERFORMANCE IS PART OF YOUR GRADE–please discuss this requirement with your instructor.

I have read and understood the Grading Policy.